Tips to Get Started

PPMD is always here to help with your Do It Yourself Fundraising to End Duchenne. Here are 10 helpful tips and tools to help you along the way. Remember, YOU are making a difference in the fight to end Duchenne!

  1. Start early – The earlier you start, the more successful you will be.
  2. Set up your personal fundraising page – Tell your story and share a photo. Your participant center makes it easy to customize your web page and keep track of your donors.
  3. Set a goal – Your network wants to see you succeed. Setting a goal will inspire you and the people who are supporting you.
  4. Donate to yourself – Kick-start your fundraising by making an anonymous donation. Every little bit helps and your donors will see the total start to rise.
  5. Ask EVERYONE! – If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. Share your story and why you are choosing to fundraise. If you are passionate about your event, your donors will be too. You are giving them a chance to make a difference for future progress to end Duchenne.
  6. Say thank you – Share on social media and tag your donors. Thanking them publicly helps spread the word about your event and they are more likely to donate again for future events. You may also get one of their friends to donate.
  7. Always keep in mind matching gifts – You can double or even triple donations with matching gifts from employers. Make sure your donors check out the matching gifts page. This is easy money to add to your event.
  8. Fundraise with Facebook – Take advantage of Fundraising with Facebook.
  9. Educate your donors – When asking for donations, share some facts about the disease and why you’ve joined the fight to end Duchenne.
  10. Share your success – After your event, share what your donors helped you accomplish and as always be thankful once again for their support. You can include photos and the amount raised in this recap. It is sure to go a long way!